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Saturday, March 22, 2008

From the basement March 22

Be careful what you wish for.....

I'm soon to be posting stuff @ Maury Brown's Business of Sports Network. Probably most of my bloggin ( this insert hyperlink, block quote, comment & repeat hack shit ain't writin ) will be found on Maury's The Biz of Baseball platform. Thank you so much Maury for the opportunity to contribute to one of my favorite sites and in particular my favorite baseball business site. Maury's work is read and respected by every component of the baseball industry - management, labor, media, fans,players, academics, bloggers.

Short term ( next week, hopefully ) I'll submit some stuff similar to the roundup / notebook schtick I've been doing at Baseball Digest Daily. Longer term I hope to raise my game a notch and start "reporting" as opposed to just linking to other people's reporting / opinion.

In other words, I might have to get off my lazy ass and work a bit at this. Invest some time in research ( I was going to say "research more" but honestly I don't think I've done any research up to this point. Linking shouldn't be confused with researching ) and all that goes with that.

I'm kinda stunned. I've known for a handful of weeks this was happening but I didn't want to start anything before we went on holidays a few weeks back. And then I wanted to post one more "column" ( hubris ) at Baseball Digest Daily. But now that I'm actually supposed to cobble something together for Maury....I told him I'd send him somethin...jesus...he's Maury and..well...I'm a stoned guy in his basement and....I'm kinda scared. But hey, what the fuck, it's all just for fun and I suspect it will be.

Thank you so much Baseball Digest Daily for allowing me to contribute to your wonderful site. Thank you Dave Rouleau for offering me the opportunity and for your constant encouragement. Thank you Joe Hamrahi for allowing me to post at your great site that you built because of your chutzpah, grit, talent, energy, emotion and $$$. I sincerely hope that Joe and I and Dave are future colleagues somewhere in this baseball geek world ( I don't mean that in an insulting way either, quite the opposite ). Words of admiration and respect for folks @ BDD who I was proud to have my stuff lumped in with. Voros, Jon Hale, John Brattain and Bob Wirz. Thanks to Neate for linking the Miles Woolf Q&A at this blog, which led Dave Rouleau to me. Thanks to my anonymous "internet shepherd" who always has good advice and plenty of encouragement.

BTW, Opening day here in Ottawa in exactly 2 months!