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Monday, March 12, 2007

From the basement March 12 07

I saw the name of my favorite baseball player, in any era, in the transactions this morning. Kazuhito Tadano was reassigned to the minor league camp of the A's. Tadano is a right handed relief pitcher. He struck out 60 batters in 56 2/3 innings last year in Sacramento of the PCL. He'll be 27 next month. He has pitched a total of 54 1/3 big league innings, all with Cleveland. Why is Tadano my favorite player, ever? To the best of my knowledge he is the only player in the history of the game who is / has been, a gay porn actor/performer/artist/thespian, I don't know the correct term. How's that for a " 2 sport" perfomer? It gets better, he claims that he is NOT GAY! He does not deny that he "appears" in a gay porno made in Japan, but he denies being gay. His explanation is along the lines of, he was receiving not participating, or something like that. His rationale puts him in the same camp along with William Jefferson Clinton, who asserted that " I did not have sex with that woman ". ( I still don't know how his "DNA" got on the GAP dress, but I digress ). Any ball player who can be described as "Clintonian" is ok with me. On a more serious note, at least he has been able to play pro ball in the US, the Japanese pro leagues wouldn't go near him because of the video.

Every year, spring training is over analyzed and dissected. Who is going North? How will the batting order be structured? Who is in the rotation? What's the pecking order in the pen? 11 or 12 pitchers? I'm a geek and I follow all the minutiae of it but really it's about the day to day grind of the baseball media's requirement to provide content, all day, every day. We all know that the 25 players that go north are only some of the players that will play for the big team this season. Beginning opening day players get hurt, exceed expectations, disappoint, and the carousel starts going round. The makeup of a baseball team is fluid, year round, spring training is only one part of the cycle.

The most notable news of spring training is who's hurt. As usual, pitchers are at the front of the injury line. Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson & Mike Hampton will all start the year on the DL, Kris Benson is probably out for the season, and it's still only March 12.

It's time for the big leaguers to get more game action, today there were a raft of players from a bunch of teams reassinged to minor league camps, including a whole bunch of guys who were in the Phillies camp that will be freezing their rear ends off soon here in Ottawa.


LynxFan said...

Aw Pete. Not you too.

Pete Toms said...

Hey lynxfan, I didn't initially understand your comment but I was I just reading your blog and now I get it.

It is cold weather for baseball in Ottawa in April. I, like you, have sat through many games with toque and mitts on ( and can't wait to be doing it again ) with snow in the picnic area down the left field line. Having said that, yeah you're right in your rant that it is no colder here than in some other IL cities, i.e. Rochester, Syracuse. What do you think Edmonton was like when they were in the PCL?

I love the Lynx too ( although I admit not as much as you ), I'll be there with my toque on, on rainy days with my umbrella, day games, night games, regardless of the Lynx record or opponent. I have thoroughly enjoyed Triple A in Ottawa. I went to the Ottawa Nepean Canadian Sports Club and signed a petition in support of bringing a franchise here. Building the stadium is the only issue I have ever contacted my councillor about in the 26 years I have lived here.

And when ( ok if, I know you remain hopeful ) they leave I hope and pray that Independent ball comes to town ( although I doubt it ) and I will support that too.

A Baseball Geek and Lynx fan

LynxFan said...

Hey, no offense taken; it was tongue in cheek. I know you're a true fan/believer. I won't complain about the content of an article, if the author (or player quoted) has actually sat through a game in Ottawa. Particularly if they've been here in April AND July.