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Friday, February 2, 2007

From the Basement Feb 02 07

Email from Riley Denver @ the Lynx today, he is lookin forward to some NL style ball at the yard this season. Yes that is good news, we lost that when the O's came to town. NL rules will be in effect when visiting team is affilated with an NL team. I'm a purist, I will never like the DH.

Buster, more chatter about DirecTV / EI deal. Man, this is getting a lot of attention, but I am in the camp that thinks it is largely unimportant. Yes a lot of the current EI subscribers are pissed and vocal about it but this audience is also the hardest of the hard core. They love the game, they can't walk away from it.

Will I tune in to MLB.TV the next several days to watch the Caribbean Series? Well, probably a little bit, I am a geek.

A guy I didn't know was available signed a minor league deal with the Pirates - Michael Tejera. He's far from awful and pitching is thin, good signing byLittlefield.

It is extremely rare that I read athlete interviews but I did glance at the Schilling / Dan Shaughnessy tête å tête only to find the juicy bits where Schilling insults Shaughnessy. Very refreshing to read some candid remarks instead of the "110%" clichés.

I think Felix Hernandez is going to have a big year.

Paul Shuey is going to camp with the O's on a minor league deal. I didn't know he was still playing.

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