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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

From the Basement Feb 13 07

Steroids in the baseball news again today. This from the AP, the PA "asked a federal appeals court late Monday to revisit its December decision to allow investigators probing steroids in sports to use the names and urine samples of more than 100 players who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs."

If the PA doesn't win this court battle the players will have gotten screwed. We all know the owners and players agreed the results of these tests would remain anonymous. The PA agreed to the testing in 03 to determine whether or not testing with penalties would be introduced in 04. Because there were more than 5 % positive tests ( approximately 100 out of 1400 + ) said testing with penalties was introduced for 04.

The low percentage of positive tests boggles me. 100 out of 1400 is 7%. Am I to believe that in a typcial MLB game, 7% or 3.5 out of the 50 players on the rosters are taking performance enhancing drugs? That figure seems ludicrously low to me. Are the cheaters really that far ahead of the regulators? I know there is no test for HGH and perhaps that contributes to the low figure but I have to think that the bulk of pharmaceutical cheating is amphetamines &

So much for the Villone to Blue Jays rumors that I mentioned yesterday, he's going back to the Yankees. The one surprise is that he was only able to secure a minor league deal.

There is a photo on MLB .com of Carl Pavano throwing a baseball. Can you belive it? I can make a claim that many baseball fans ( well Yankee fans ) cannot. I have actually seen Carl Pavano pitch, live in the flesh, when he was an Ottawa Lynx. Way back in the day after he had been dealt to the Expos in the Pedro deal.

I think Kerry Wood will become a dominant closer for the Cubs this season.

Once spring training games commence I will be on MLB.com a lot until the end of the season, that's where I read most of the boxscores. I find the beat writers on MLB.com are also well informed. The one problem I have though is their reporting of off the field issues. For example, today there is a typical off season story, "Top 20 topics for Spring Training". There is only one mention of Barry Bonds, "Bonds won't be the only one in the spotlight as Giants camp opens in Scottsdale, Ariz. The other Barry, Zito, just crossed the Bay....." Come on, the Barry saga isn't one of the Top 20 spring training stories? How much media will be at the Giants camp the first day Barry arrives?

The Devil Rays acquired righthander Jae Kuk Ryu from the Cubs, I think he's a good candidate for their rotation. Still young, 23, and good numbers in the PCL last season and in AA in 05.

Jeff Blair is a very astute baseball writer, well don't we all think that anyone who shares our opinions is astute? Mr. Blair shares my dislike of parity, ( see my posting Feb 06 The NECESSARY EVIL Empire ) in Mr. Blair's words "parity in any sport sucks" http://www.theglobeandmail.com/blogs/baseball. Amen to that. As well Mr. Blair wonders how committed Liberty Media is to the Atlanta Braves. ( see my blog February 08 ). Braves fans, say goodbye to Andruw Jones.

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