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Monday, February 5, 2007

From the Basement Feb 05 07

Biz of Baseball interview with Jasyon Stark www.bizofbaseball.com

Mr. Stark's opinions about DirecTV / MLB EI: I disagree with him on a few points but he IS Jayson Stark and I am a guy in his basement. The larger issue in this move is the launch of the 24hr MLB channel. MLB doesn't want it on cable because it will only be accessible on the ghettoized "sports tiers". I said it a day or two ago, there is a big showdown between pro sports and cable in the US.

Mr. Stark is polite when asked to comment on the place of baseball geek websites in the baseball media. The 2 sites that he is asked to comment on Baseball Prospectus and Hardball Times are both sites that I visit, but for commentary on business issues primarily as opposed to the stat analysis end of it. I don't read Mr.Stark's column, not because I think him uninformed, but I read Gammons, Law & Olney already on ESPN, at some point the reporting becomes redundant.

Caribbean Series Mexico vs Venezuala, watched the first few innings, random thoughts.

ESPN just posted up the Mexico lineup and there are a couple of guys with a connection to our hometown Lynx. Karim Garcia, a Phillies NRI to spring training is described in the Philadelphia Daily News as follows "He is possibly best known for assisting Yankees teammate Jeff Nelson in a fight with a groundskeeper at Fenway Park in the visitors' bullpen during the 2003 American League Championship Series." I remember that, it was fun! He can also hit. As well, Geronimo Gi who caught here during the O's era is catching for Mexico.

Erubiel Durazo is hitting in the 3 spot for the Mexican team. I always associate him with the infamous 4 way trade that the Jays were a part of when they effectively dealt Felipe Lopez for Jason Arnold.

Poor turnout for this match up.

Hugo Chavez, from a strictly MLB standpoint, it's not good. What I have read indicates that teams will be cutting back drastically on player development in Venezuala. Too bad for us fans, there have been more and more great players coming from there.

Watching this caused me to flash back to a former co worker and geek who would watch Winter Ball in Spanish on his dish. This is obviously a long time ago because he used to laugh that the announcers would pronounce Wally Joyner's name as Hoyner. To this day, if I think of Wally Joyner, in my head I hear Wally Hoyner.

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